SAIF launched its doctoral program in Finance in 2010. We currently have 11 doctoral advisers, all of whom are chair professors or full professors from top business schools in the world. They have extensive experience in teaching and research in leading business schools and can guide the students to do cutting-edge research in the financial field. In addition, SAIF also has five special-term professors who hold tenured positions at reputable overseas universities. They will be involved in the tutoring and guiding doctoral students too.


The goal of the program is to produce top researchers for universities and research institutions. Through our strict screening process, training and examinations, and with high quality advising by our faculty, the doctoral students’ dissertations should reach the same quality as those from the top universities around the world. We also encourage our students to work on academic subjects that will make theoretical and policy contributions to the development of the financial services industry in China.

Research Directions

Capital Market and Investment, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance, Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Banking and Financial Brokerage, International Financial Management, Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds, Taxation Policy, Financial Innovation, Financial Econometrics

Duration and Course Requirement

Completion of the program usually takes four years with minimum course requirement of 48 credits.

Language of Instruction